Palashir Yuddha by Tapan Mohan Chatterjee in PDF

eBook Name- Palashir Yuddha
Author- Tapan Mohan Chatterjee

Format- PDF
Size- 15 MB
Pages- 233
Courtesy: Soumendra Parbat

Tapan Mohan Chatterjee was born on 3 February 1896. Renowned lawyer and researcher. Until 1940, he was a barrister in Calcutta High Court. Later, he joined his father's firm Silisitar. He had a deep interest in the history of India. His famous historical books are- Palashir Yuddha, Palashir par Boxer. Other works are- Smrtiranga, Bangla liriker gorar kotha, Hindu iyine Bibaho. Today I'll share his famous historical ebook Palashir Yuddha. View or Read This eBook.
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