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Wednesday 28 October 2020

Anandamela 20 September 2020 । Bengali Patrika PDF

 Anandamela 20 September 2020 । Bengali Patrika PDF
Issue– 20 September 2020
Category- Children and Juvenile
Format- PDF
Size- 16MB
Pages- 59
Quality- Super (HQ) 300dpi

Anandamela 20 September 2020
The Cover story of this edition is - Oitihasik Bhul (Historically wrong) ঐতিহাসিক ভুল by Sangbetta Chakrabarty.

লোকমুখে প্রচারিত ইতিহাসের একডজন ভুল আর তার পিছনে লুকিয়ে থাকা সত্যি। There are a dozen mistakes in the history of publicity and the truth hiddwn behind it.
Now I want to share a copy of the PDF file of the 20 September 2020 very demanding issue of the above said magazine. Little readers can collect all old editions of this magazine- from here. And its official website is here.

Six mind blooming stories-
Virus by Shashwoti Nandi
Chhotobela by Aditi Bhattacharya
Jonmodag by Joydwip Chakrabarty
Ashchariya Astana by Konad Deb Mitra
Bhoyankar Arshi by Mahuya Chawdhuri
Somoyer Khela by Indrani Bhattacharya

And there are also regular topics, sports, historical events, lifestyle, etc.

Collect the pdf or read online
The best Bengali magazine for children and Juvenile 'Anandamela 20 September 2020' Bangla Patrika pdf.

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