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Sunday 18 August 2019

Anandamela 5th August 2019 bangla ebook pdf

Anandamela 5th August 2019 bangla ebook pdf
Issue– 5th August 2019
Category- Children and Juvenile
Format- PDF
Size- 33MB
Pages- 61
Quality- Super (HQ)

Anandamela 5th August 2019

In the Bengali magazine world, there are a lot of Bangla magazine for Children and Juvenile but no doubt Anandamela is the only one star magazine among of them. This Bangla Patrika not only popular in West Bengal but also in Bangladesh, Nepal and many others country where Bangla language speaking people living.
The regular fortnightly edition has been published from Kolkata by ABP Limited on 5th and 20th date of every month.
Now I'm going to share with all of my sweet dear little readers, Anandamela 5th August 2019 a pdf file, the screen shoot is given above. The cover stories of this edition's are- one dozen unresolved mysteries, five mind blooming stories (Rakhinath Karmakar, Deb Kumar Basu, Aditi Bhattacharya, Anjalika Bhattacharya, Rituparna Bhattacharya), ghost on big screen, my scool, majar jhanpi, kid telent, my state, sport- about Hima Das and many other topics. All my sweet little readers can also collect all old issues of Anandamela from here. The magazin's official web site here. Collect this current issue as pdf file from link below-
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Bangla ebook pdf magazine for children Anandamela 5th August 2019.

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